North Kelsey Road

We’ve built a reputation for helping out on difficult projects by taking some of the headache away from architects and developers to smooth the process and create smart solutions to tricky challenges. 

For this impressive local project on North Kelsey Road we once again teamed up with the talented architects at Kelly & MacPherson for another Paragraph 79 scheme. We were commissioned to produce several images to assist the planning application and design development, based on the concept of bales under a Dutch Barn enclosure. But after working together many times before, they knew we’d add a little something extra on top of everything they’ve asked for. 

This time we decided to build a comprehensive 3D model of the surroundings, based on the levels survey and a very involved tree survey, where we developed a tool to ‘read’ in the species, position and height and replicate this in 3D using tree models from Laubwerk. This allowed us to view the scheme from any angle we chose, to give a fuller idea of the impact of the scheme on its neighbour.