Exterior Photomontage CGI of Guys Tower Retrofit at Dusk

CGI for Commercial Projects

Whenever we take on a job, we never forget the trust our clients put in us – and the larger the project, the more pressure everyone is under to deliver, in often sensitive situations. 

We were approached by Prenoyre & Prasad to assist with their design proposals for the re-imagining of the landmark Guy’s Hospital Tower next to London Bridge – a dream job for us.

Working on some projects really gives us the chance to show our experience and go the extra mile to ensure a smooth process from initial designs and application to completion. 

We were able to source and commission large format photographs to help demonstrate the scheme, which included the Shard in a very unfinished state, resulting in us also sourcing the original BIM model and rendering this complicated iconic building too.

This high-profile project in the heart of London required a careful hand and an expert eye. We had to stitch together multiple photos to show a wide angle shot and accurately ensure the new building was an exact match to the old – and make sure there was nothing for the great and good of London to complain about.

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