CGI for Cabins and Garden Buildings

We’ve been helping The Frame and Log Company bring their ideas to life for years – and love the challenges that each individual project presents.

The local company design, supply and build high-spec, timber-frame buildings for use all over the world – in remote or difficult places – and they usually rely on Retina to add extra value at every stage of the design and planning process.

Everything starts with a simply hand-drawn sketch – with just a few key dimensions. Not enough for most 3D studios, but plenty for us. We’ve worked with Frame & Log for long enough to know how much they value our input and that we can create fully detailed
models with even vague directions – using our creative side to fill in the blanks and achieve just the right look and feel.

We’d like to do the photography on these projects too, but it’s totally impractical due to the locations – but luckily, we have an expert eye for finding the perfect stock photography. We’re quite particular about the stock shots we use for back-drops – and finding the perfect one is an extra skill our clients regularly rely on us for.

This client loves the 3D-first approach because of the creative problem-solving skills we add to the project – plus it’s really easy to generate floorplans later down the line, saving them a job.

Making our clients’ lives easier is at the heart of everything we do.

CGI of Black Refuge Cabin adjacent to Lake in Scottish Highlands
Interior CGI of Contemporary Cabin looking at Sleeping area
CGI of Large Cabin with Mezzanine
Plan CGI of Frey Max Cabin
Interior CGI of Contemporary Frey Max Cabin
CGI of Refuge Cabin Dusk Iceland
Interior CGI of Baklands Cabin looking at sleeping area
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